Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity
The Phi Psi Experience

The Phi Psi Experience is a vehicle to ensure every man who joins Phi Kappa Psi has an opportunity to participate in a shared experience. It will be an experience that he will be able to discuss with other brothers across the Country.

While each member will have the same core experience, new and exciting opportunities will be added to the program, allowing him to personalize his experience by taking part in programs, sessions and modules that best fit his interests and goals.

The Phi Psi Experience will build a new culture within our Fraternity by providing educational opportunities and new experiences to our members throughout their lives.

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Download .pdf copies of helpful documents below:

  Download Parent Brochure
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Phi Kappa Psi Member Education

Career Point Career Exploration Products

Career Point, a company owned by three Phi Psis, is donating access to our products for members of the Fraternity involved in the Phi Psi Experience program.  Focused on resources for career exploration, Career Point products assist users to learn about themselves and make better decisions on the options they have available in education and a career after graduation.

The most successful people are those who are able to match their core passions to the work they do.  Those who do work they love, will naturally rise to the top.  Regardless of your major, you should consider what kind of work will truly fulfill and engage you.  The result is likely to be greater success and happiness in life.

Passions Igniter is a multi-layer online survey that measures behavior and problem-solving styles and – most importantly – core passions.  It results in a detail list of careers and specific job titles matching the abilities and interests of the user, but also considers where you may have the highest likelihood of strong job satisfaction and success.

Our PI 360 Strengths Assessment allows you to email several trusted friends or advisors to rate you on your strengths in ten areas most important to employers.  Their responses are anonymous – you only see the summary totals once three or more have responded.

Here are some things to know before you begin:

  1. The complete career inventory is five stages and takes most users 60-90 minutes to complete.  You can pause or stop and logout at any point.  When you log back in, you’ll pick up right where you left off.  So if you get tired, take a break!
  2. The first stage is the longest – and it needs to be.  This is where we identify your core passions, so it’s very important we be accurate.  Once we establish core passions, the other four stages will be much quicker to complete.  In fact, once you complete Stage 1, you’re more than halfway through the entire survey.
  3. Also regarding the first stage, don’t be dismayed if you feel we’re asking you to pick between the least “bad” option, versus the most interesting.  We require you to accept sacrifices to choose activities – we want to if you’ll give up something to choose an activity, rather than just what looks interesting to you.
  4. Our PI 360 Strengths Assessment allows you to email several trusted friends or advisors to rate you on your strengths in ten areas most important to employers.  You will need the names and emails of three or more people you want to invite to participate.

Your core passions don’t change significantly throughout your life, but they are a bit harder to measure than interests or motivators that change as you get older.  That’s why our survey is longer and more in-depth – but you can be confident that our results are stronger – and right now, it’s free just for you!

Here’s how to get started:

To begin your inventory, you’ll click the link below to access our Registration Page.  Enter your first and last name, your email address, choose and confirm a password, check the terms checkbox and click the “Register” button.  You will begin at the Assessment Dashboard (screenshot below).  Click the “What You Love” logo and begin your inventory.


Ready to Go?  Then Click Here to Begin Your Assessment

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